FITC Hollywood 2007 – Day 2

October 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

I’m currently in Los Angeles for the Flash In the Can Festival – a premiere Flash developer convention. The festivities kicked off on Sunday with an awesome Papervision 3D workshop by John Grden. He demonstrated an AIR application using PV3D, Flex, and Red5 to synchronize the fret and finger position on a virtual guitar to what he was actually playing on his real guitar. Over the course of the 8 hour workshop we did some pretty interesting stuff with PV3D including some sky boxes. I’ll have to post some of my experiments when I get some time to actually experiment.

Today, the actual festival kicked off with some great presentations including “Let’s talk about SWX” by Aral Balkan, “Designing Online Attractions” by Jarod Koff ( and a pretty informative one from the Red5 crew.

I capped the day off by heading to Venice to check out the hippies, street performers and the Pacific Ocean for the first time – it’s like a whole different world.


Tomorrow there is more FITC – I’m really looking forward to the particle demonstration, and then on Wednesday I head to Las Vegas!

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