Internet April Fools Roundup

April 1st, 2008 · No Comments

It’s April 1st and some of the websites I frequent are pulling out the usual this April Fools Day.

The one I look forward to every year is  They are saying they’re coming out with a new console game, World Of Warcraft: The Molten Core – the graphics on this would make your Atari 2600 drool with envy. is also announcing a new playable class – the Bard.  Those two are okay, but my favorite is on their forums, it seems that they’ve replaced every period in a sentence with some funny internet acronym including: lol, lolwut, lolcats, lawl, roflmao, i LOL’d IRL, kekekeke, IMO, etc has to have one of the funniest inside joke April Fools ever.  If you’re not familiar with what “rick rolling” is look it up on  It seems that YouTube is rick rolling us if we goto their site and click on any featured video.

Not to be outdone, has announced they are starting “Virgle” and plan to start colonizing Mars by 2013.  If you’d like to be a “pioneer” they have a free signup – don’t forget to upload a video of yourself telling them why you’d make the best pioneer. has some hillarius stuff this year including a USB Home Pregnancy Test Kit, Spazztroids – the world’s first caffine packed breakfast cereal, and a Betamax to HD DVD converter.

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