Flex 4 Gumbo Custom Spark Layout: Animated Paged Layout

September 17th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Update: For the final version of the PagedLayout source, please visit Part 3.

Yesterday I posted my first attempt at a custom Spark Layout, PagedLayout.  Using the GreenSock TweenLite libraries I added animation to the transitions of pages.  I will go into detail on the changes made to the original class at some point, but today I only have time to post the project and my source.  I have also created a an example application using Flickr’s RSS feed that I will post tomorrow.

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You may notice I didn’t go through and remove unnecessary parts of the tweening libraries, that’s something I’ll do later on as well.

Also, there are bugs in Flash Builder 4 (Gumbo) that prevent leading [‘s (in cases like [Bindable]) from showing up in the exported source.  Make sure you download the zip file if you plan on using this code, not copying and pasting from the web.

Tags: ActionScript · Flash · Flash Builder 4 · Flex · Flex 4 Framework · Gumbo